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Returning Boomerang #1

This returning boomerang was made from oak wood in 2011. The surface is hardened over fire and the incessions are filled with red ochre mixed with oil.

Returning Boomerang #2

A right handed boomerang made from walnut in 2012.

Hunting Boomerang #1

Hunting Boomerang #2

A raw piece, but in my opinion one of the most beautiful. Initially planed to be a returning boomerang, it s weight and form designated this one as a non-returner. The lenticular wing profile was carved with a knife. The surface never saw sand paper. Obviously.

Hunting Boomerang #3

This right handed hunting boomerang is a very heavy one. The wing s front edges are bent upwards in order to keep it in the air as long as possible.

Returning Boomerang #10

The oldest one in my collection! It was made of cheap plywood when I was around 15. The many scars testify of it s use and the cheapness of the plywood used to build it.

Returning Boomerang #19